What is an Existential Crisis?

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  1. Just go watch a Voyager 1 or 2 video and read the comments. You will understand immediately what existential crisis is

  2. Will I ever defeat my father?

  3. Zain Syed says:

    Idk why but when I was 8 I felt like the world was like a cursed state I was in. It was like the world only exists when I am there and nothing exists after in gone if that makes any sense xd

  4. non-linear equations of biasing motives because of interests and avoidances.

  5. Omar Elgendy says:

    Watching this video is painful

  6. Harish Dubey says:

    Everytime I think about our death at any time , maybe by an astroid
    I say these things to myself


  7. Beckham says:

    If life has no point then you can do whatever you want in it. We as people are free to do whatever we want to.

  8. Albert Camus says:

    At the end of the day, the only thing that we know is that we don't know anything.

  9. Ohhhh so my quarter life crisis is actually an existential one. Good to know

  10. People are drawn to religion and faith primarily in an effort to escape existential crisis. It can also be argued that religions came about so that human beings can deal with existential questions of our place in this mysterious cosmos.

  11. G C says:

    I’m stressed about what happens after death… I just wish there can be heaven but I really don’t think it’s real

  12. Someone dumb it down and explain existential crisis to my fragile brain please….

  13. It's all about the torment of existence weighed against the horror of non-being. Or do I digress?

  14. Man's just called Rien De Rien rubbish. Imma give it to him…

  15. Sabudin Miya says:

    for my whole life..i didn't know if I even really existed but I do and people are starting to notice 😀

  16. _Sireena _ says:

    …I- I am the only one who isn't thinking about death and that life is pointless-
    I am just thinking how weird is it that I am a human and eveyone around me has a life

  17. moon93931 says:

    Who else is having a covid existential crisis ?

  18. Ken concepts says:

    Well idc about any other thing beside "why do i exist" how did the universe form , why was it created and who created God and who created the entity that created God ?

  19. I feel like I'm in a dream and when I wake up I'm In a coffin

  20. I just wish I could have someone to cry with about this. Existing here in this world just like every other pointless thing and being feels so painful. My own consciousness is destroying me. I'm sick of going through my tedious life, having to follow the tide of what this empty place holds. The only person who feels this way and would understand broke my heart. So now I'm alone, and I'm scared. I hate it here.

  21. why is it that commects are so accurate? feels like i just found my gang

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  23. Story Beans says:

    "And there will be the most beautiful silence never heard"-CB
    An aiding way to see existential crisis:
    Humayun & Existential crisis:

  24. I had existential crisis but I am much much better now and I want to help others who are suffering for free shoot me an email at riddhifzs@gmail.com

  25. Ace Baltazar says:

    What is the song that starts at 2:26?

  26. Nick Gamez says:

    Life is a meaningless mess

  27. If there's an umbrella in my drink, it better be raining.

  28. Lucy Jones says:

    I guess the first time i had this was when i was 7. then i asked – Why do we even get born when eventually we will die? whats the point. And also i remember saying, that nobody loved nobody, we only loved someone because of how they made us feel, what they did for us. I was saying – the only thing we love is ourselfs. Yea, 20 years later – Im jobless :))

  29. It's kind of empowering to know we are burdened with an awareness of the meaninglessness of our lives.
    It's like we are a bizarre anomaly on Earth that refuses to cooperate with the environment, for better or for worse.
    Instead, we think with an intellect unheard of, trying to figure out what all this (the universe) is.

    You are the proud owner of one of the most complex items in the universe: the human brain.
    Whatever your thoughts on existence are, just know that you are amazing precisely because you have those thoughts on existence.

  30. Marc Padilla says:

    Pretty sure something i don't have any control of.

  31. Sean Harwood says:

    We are free’r than we think.. Well that’s an example of horse shit.

  32. sean says:

    I was high asf last night just chilling watching tv and then I remembered that I’m in my body and I’ll always be in my body and I’ll never know what it’s like to be someone else.

  33. "I think, therefore I exist." But irony is over thinking can lead you to having an existential crisis.

  34. 姚澜 says:

    love the use of Edith Piaf song

  35. chuy410 says:

    I’m sorry but that guys panic yell is probably one of the funniest thing I heard on this channel ???

  36. bang yolo says:

    Did…Did they just suggest sleeping with horses is part of an existential crisis?…

  37. J Wealick says:

    How do I clear my head of the idea that I’m going to die, and my afterlife is going to be a void of nothingness.

  38. Spilt Beans says:

    I worked really hard on my latest video about identity and used this vid as research. so ummm if you’re looking for something to watch during quarantine I hope you give my channel a chance ?

  39. Kobe Santos says:

    Thinking deeply is not always a good thing. You keep answering your own whys until you come to the ultimate conclusion which is that no matter what happens everything seems pointless.

  40. Kobe Santos says:

    That feeling you want to cry but you can’t because there’s no really reason

  41. Christina H. says:

    I'm a stay at home wife / mom and my husband finally retired at the ripe old age of 48.5 yrs of age. I tee totally love it! We go for walks most mornings, go grocery shopping together, find neat recipes to try, do house projects. At the end of the day, I am very fortunate to be able to enjoy life WITH my spouse.

  42. Kizon _2305 says:

    I didn’t know this is called existential crisis

  43. Fel says:

    Life is nothing but a never ending cycle of an existential crisis

  44. Luiz Melo says:

    If everything we do in life is meaningless, not taking part in it would also be a waste.

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