How to Remain Calm With People

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  1. Aung Ko says:

    I love ❤️ your voice it’s calm, and I don’t get angry a lot just by listening to it.❤️

  2. I wish some people have compassion

  3. Eddie Capron says:

    I hope you don't mean putting up with people shit and always being agreeable.

  4. Greek Salad says:

    That's all fine and all, but there are actually people like to watch the world burn…

  5. Michael Haas says:

    Very nice – thank you 🙂

  6. keepit up says:

    This changed something inside of me.

  7. This is amazingly insightful and enlightening ?x

  8. Is this ignoring the fact that we know babies never do bad things on purpose while there is an unlimited amount of evidence that adults very much do?

  9. Richard says:

    The reason we can't treat adults the same way we treat children is because children represent no real threat to us and therefore we can afford them greater latitude for mistakes or insult. further, it is socially unacceptable to take frustrations out on children, even morally and ethically unacceptble, where it may be less frowned upon when concerning adults.
    To conflate the two interactions is disengenious. Adults' reaction to adults (who posess enhanced capacity for manipulation, violence and long-term vindicitvness, not to mention reputation destruction which can result in something like suicide) is a survival matter. Adults' reaction to children (Who can scream, defecate or otherwise mildly inconvenience you without survival threat) is tempered by the fact this child is still developing, has little understanding of it's situation or even control over it's body. Some can't even speak yet. They LITERALLY know no better. You are in the most powerful position and this assurance of safety comes with an incredible boost in patience.

    Please stop comparing apples to oranges. If you treat an adult like a child, they will take advantage of you.

  10. Hi All, have a quite life!
    Thank you for your attention!

  11. Mak Hyatt says:

    OK! So here's this, because I have lived in an abusive family, and because we still live together, I can't ever be calm??? I am always angry at things and people but mostly irritated at everyone in my family. I want to be calm, please help.

  12. Palak D says:

    It becomes harder to do with age.

  13. I am having a bad time with this sometimes, because i find myself justifying other's behaviour, but then, same people don't show the same compassion towards me, and in the long run, not feeling understood in the same degree, is frustrating and drains a lot of energy out of you

  14. there fore says:

    move from anger to pity.
    how: hang up, run, mute, ignore, how?
    when: before during or after the encounter when?

  15. The Manual says:

    You can not please everyone!

  16. A I says:

    When u achieve calm mind when things which matters to u don't go in positive way u win in life. All turnes on better

  17. Sunscorp1  What If She Had Been Wrongly Convicted Of A Crime For Which She Ended Up Serving Ten 10 Years In Prison For Dosent Give Her Or Anyone The Right To Do What Ever They Want Thank You LOL LIL WTF WTC WTG?.

  18. Magda Ali says:

    Self hatred: the less we like ourselves the more we appear as plausible targets for mockery and harm. Constantly seek confirmation that we are the worthless people we think ourselves to be. Never say people are evil you just need to look for the source of agony that drives people to behave in poor ways. Be mature is to learn to imagine this zone of pain without evidence. Turmoil and sadness beneath an aggressive place. Move from anger to pity.

  19. open your mind and realize that this time pressure has nothing positive in it…so change your inner attitude, to actually become patiente 🙂

    “Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest.”

    ― Sri Chinmoy

  20. Just ignor what not make you happy

  21. Superman Jax says:

    You are more useful than my teacher

  22. slava beider says:

    1 month with my parents quarantine , this what I was finally looking for..

  23. Amith says:

    You can't always resort to pity!! when your own friends mock you feeling that they're superior to you and you're too dumb to understand them it will hurt and feel like they're doing it on purpose to ridicule you in front of others.

  24. Lindy T says:

    I am just as sad, disappointed, hurt and distressed as the people who hurt me if not more than they are given I was physical and emotionally abused for 20 years and yet I somehow manage not to hurt them or fuck them over. The reason these people keep hurting and screwing over others is bc people never open their mouths and explain to them calmly and logically why their behavior is unacceptable and inconsiderate and actually not just harmful to others but also to themselves. So stay calm but don’t stay quiet – not speaking up is how you let the toxic cycle continue. By speaking up I don’t mean yell or curse at them – speak your honest thoughts and feelings on how YOU feel softly and quietly.

  25. I noticed that most of your videos are using childhood as somewhat the biggest factor that triggers our personality, responses, etc. Child is indeed the father of a man.

  26. Deelan Doski says:

    I have anxiety and depression and my grammar is constantly targeting me I feel overwhelmed with stress and I’m trying to be patient and hold my urges to beat her up but then again she’s an old lady and I have to hold my urges she’s done horrible things to anything that crosses her path or anything around her I can’t go into detail to those who is curious to why I greatly despise my grandma. she always causes stress, anxiety, drama, depression, tension, fights, non-stop pain, anger, and brings a lot of negativity, took my family’s peace, happiness and patience ever since she started to unfortunately live with us since 2017. A couple days ago I woke up actually feeling happy and had a pretty good day despite having some ups and downs surprisingly for the first time in god knows how long I was actually feeling happy and I hope to feel that again I love to smile and laugh but I’m very insecure about my laugh and smile and have low-self esteem and hate my body and just me in general finding things to make me laugh and smile, listen to music to block out the noise of my family constant arguing. And I’m stuck in quarantine because of this coronavirus bs and school work and because of the stupid stress I have acne mostly on my forehead you can literally play connect the dots on it. And i could also be getting acne because of what I’m eating but I’m trying to gain weight because apparently I’m skinny really hard for me. Sorry I wrote so much, I just got sidetracked ? but anyways stay safe and healthy everyone hope you’re doing well and living life! PS sorry if there’s any grammar mistakes with spelling steaks and this is so much I can’t be bothered I’m so tired. Thank you for your understanding 🙂

  27. I didn't like depiction in the 20 seconds of the animation, however I do believe that we should remain calm with others if we can.

  28. MIGHTY WOLF says:

    Buy a dog or cat give attention to them and play
    *anger left the chat

  29. Lucas Mate says:

    I really can't control my anger. Most of the time when I get angry I do stupid things without even realizing it. Whenever I had broke stuffs, I then become calm. But then I just realize how worthless the things that I have done and yeah…the regret always comes at the end. I really adore ppl who can control their emotions, especially on difficult times. I wish I could at least tame my mouth and control my emotions? whenever I feel mad.

  30. I’ve always done a fine job remaining calm with people. But I struggled a lot with annoying myself. I had a picture of who I was that I couldn’t replicate, and everything I did bothered me. Sometimes the trick can be to find inner peace, and silence your distracting, inner critic.

  31. Don Elion says:

    Thank you , I used to practice these but circumstances have made me frustrated. I think I just found a way to be centered again .

  32. Okay I swear how the French teacher said is how I lived my life… I always excused my abusers always… I always sympathized with them, always saw the pain in their action but after coming to US m devastated n destroyed n I see the abusers from my past too

  33. This is the most upsetting vdo n knowledge I have seen from this channel n I have lived my life like that n it’s gets u one day for good
    It’s ridiculous

  34. Insecurities are toxic. Sometimes we like to find the antidote by patching our deficiencies, and forget to love what we have. This animation is very simple compared to other similar videos, it's brilliant.

  35. Insecurities are toxic. Sometimes we like to find the antidote by patching our deficiencies, and forget to love what we have. This animation is very simple compared to other similar videos, it's brilliant.

  36. The leftists said anger to pity, the rightists said anger to don't give a s#it. Well i'd say why not both? Pity them first then left them in the dark

  37. CmarOn says:

    Try to live in my neighborhood, let’s see if you can do all this shit

  38. L Lock says:

    I don't have any natural unflustered poise with children; I'm always agitated by them and whilst I do use the alternative explanations they don't make a difference to me… guess I'm unredemable…

  39. Bvision Org says:

    It really a skill to develop and the best one in life must most of the makes you stupid,abused or a winner it depends but better some never speak or express your thought

  40. Rahi Sal says:

    eeeeeehhhhhhhhhh when you hate kids tho….

  41. What's the name of the Philosopher He mentioned at 3:35..

  42. gabu says:

    Does anybody know how to spell the French philosophers name ? Inmilo Gustachtie ?

  43. Sawi3 says:


  44. Now if we can time travel we can calm down the Angy german painter guy

  45. How to remain calm with people: Move from anger to pity

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