How to Practice Mindfulness When You’ve Got Zero Extra Time in Your Day: A Happify Webinar

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11 Responses

  1. Jia Jun Koh says:

    How to watch a 35min video when you've got zero extra time in your day

  2. Assaf Tabul says:

    A great video, the distinction between formal and informal practice of mindfulness was really helpful. Thanks for uploading!

  3. Do you really think that someone with "Zero Extra Time" can spent 30+ minutes listening this video ?

  4. Great video. Love the examples given.

  5. Kylie Rose says:

    I'm referring you to their other video that'll work just as well for only 2 minutes!!

  6. isn't it just "Dhyaana" with mindfullness sticker on it

  7. What a great channel. Just found it today! Keep making more videos please!

  8. Maybe next time he'll need to specify to watch this on your day off so you will not feel so deceived??? Jokes, jokes…. Thank you for your wisdom Dr. I am trying hard to incorporate more and more mindfulness in my days.

  9. Sam Potter says:

    I was happy – until I tried the "free" happiness test with Happily … and it didn't work … and I could not get my results … and I did five emails back and forth with customer service … and the one CS person did not read what the other CS person had told me.  So I ended up wasting a bunch of time and effort and I became less happy.  Save yourself the trouble!

  10. Manchitas says:

    His voice and mannerisms are so distracting…

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