How to Defeat Negative Thinking: An Animation

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  1. the cambat thing is awesome !!!!!!!!
    thank you soooooooo much !! I feel so good now

  2. GABY CANIL says:

    en español por favor! gracias

  3. Denine Hicks says:

    I have a technical suggestion for the creator of the video:

    COMbat is a noun. What you are looking for is the term comBAT, the verb form. eg: The soldier went into COMbat to comBAT the enemy. We want to comBAT our negative thoughts.

  4. Brigit R says:

    It's true checking the facts is so important !

  5. B D says:

    I love these animations they are so helpful! please keep making them ☺ thankyou!

  6. 1984samwell says:

    Anyone got a song name from 0:37 pretty please?

  7. FABIOh1976 says:

    We find the defendant… GUILT

  8. svallam says:

    Judge favored negative thought

  9. how can we submit our own narrations?

  10. Beyboo Boy says:

    You're touching a raw nerve by saying that the most powerful revert to a negative thought about work is to say my performance review is super and am due for a promotion. Really, if that was the case who would care for searching for your videos on youtube. See the point?

  11. IMr LAPS says:

    I dont like the court analogy but the message is a good one. And uh, why did he poke his boss in the boob?

  12. Anxiety ruined my life. I had anxiety for decades and never knew what it was.

  13. Q R says:

    at 1:43 he says, "bring your best version OF A TOUGH LAWYER". I didnt get it.Can any body kindly explain.

  14. lancsFrogger says:

    fix ur body. then ur mind won't be telling u sh*t

  15. Marissa R says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this channel so far… lol

  16. Evan Pham says:

    When your mood are at the bottom, you don't have enough mental energy to procress those solid rock-head negative thoughts out of your mind. Try to relax your mind first and things will be easily handled after.

  17. This would lead to ocd maybe

  18. I am more like getting negative thoughts about other people but thanks for the video

  19. minjun says:

    I really don't agree with these methods. They might work as a quick fix for the moment but in the long run fighting/combating with emotions, thoughts or feelings is never a good thing. Accepting that feelings/thoughts come and go is how we truly come to a calm mind. The methods in the video is just like a game of tennis. The positive thinking is only going to trigger our inner critic to throw another punch. I've suffered from anxiety for many years and read many books on the subject. Mindfulness meditation which is essentially accepting the mind for what it is, is the only way that has truly made a difference (in the long run)

    essentially, by fighting negative thoughts we only give them more power. If you'd like to read more on the subject look up mindfulness, meditation or compassion focused therapy cft, cbt

  20. While defeating negative thoughts try not to become addictive to positive thoughts, they too can be deceitful.

  21. Chaya Chay says:

    The number one rule is be your own best friend? Use mindfulness to become aware of the self putdown then detach yourself from it. Your true inner self is always pure, joyful and loved. Think of all the good things you do and the happy moments with the loved ones. Life is the most precious gift ?

  22. I am the Best, thankyou Happify ☺

  23. Balloonbot says:

    I dont feel this resonates. Sometimes anxiety is caused by the inner conflict. Your court case analogy is quite correct, but how can i focus on anything while there's a full blown argument happening within me all the time. I dont always believe the negative enforcement of my conscious – but it really doesnt stop any of the symtoms, like lack of energy, tight throat which stops me speaking clearly and the all the rest people are aware of. I KNOW i can speak clearer, i know i have more energy in there somewhere – but it won't change. I feel it needs to go deeper, rather than patching it up with some nice thinking now and again

  24. Wow this video is "how to grow your ego". If I may get a chance to clarify myself, negative thoughts are somewhat natural and happen to everyone. There is no point fighting thoughts that arise naturally in the mind. You do not need another fight in your head while you are already down with negative thoughts. Here is an opportunity to develop great virtues of patience and understanding. Your job is two folds, constantly be aware that you are having negative thoughts. Let the thoughts happen, don't try to stop them. They will eventually stop coming. If you try to fight them, you create a false perception of your self. Your mind doesn't have rationality in the first place because you are down with negative thoughts and over that you want think of twisted ways to justify your great side. This creates a self image which isn't true. How could you have created a correct image of yourself while your mind was down with the sickness. Would you perform well on a test if you had fever? Similarly your mind is on a drug of stress during negative thoughts. The only way to deal with such thoughts is by creating distance between you and your thoughts. This is wrongly done by your ego. The correct way is just let them happen and not panic. Good thoughts will follow. You can try mindfulness to help you become more aware. During such periods person should never lose hope, and focus on being calm. A calm mind thinks better, and soon there will be no need to justify yourself. Once your mind starts working rationally, opposite circumstances should also be kept in awareness if we do not wish to have negative thoughts again. You may have to calm your mind from getting excited about positive thoughts too. Although negative thoughts will always keep coming and going, but if you learn to be calm all the time, they will come less. You can be prepared for them by doings two things:
    1) Be aware of your negative thoughts
    2) Try to remain calm as soon as you realise them.

  25. Gary Starkey says:

    are you serious, im supposed to combat my negative thoughts? This is wrong and stupid advice. All over you tube it is advised to ignore the negative thoughts. you combat them win or loose you only loose.

  26. roy york says:

    AWAKEN The Trick is to Fall in Love with the silent spaces in between each thought. Because when we fall in Love with something, That is what Holds our Attention. Very quickly the silent spaces grow longer , and the negative thoughts in turn get fewer. Keep your attention on the silent Gaps , and you will fall in love with it. 90% of all suffering is thought based. peace ????

  27. studybug2010 says:

    0:26 ahh…if you are doing that to people at a get together, you're pretty much guaranteed to sabotage any further attempts at connecting…LOL!! trust me on this…I've done the research.

  28. Balloonbot says:

    Contradictory to your mindfulness videos. These methods will always be a struggle, as you're always in combat with your own mind.

  29. Lisa Dure says:

    That part where the use of a mobile phone was used to ease anxiety killed it for me 🙁

  30. Ayeqt314 says:

    When your negative thoughts were created by your own parents…

  31. This is for people who aren’t a total wreck… I have to sort of do a complete overhaul. Going to start with the meditation. Like what do you do if you don’t really enjoy anything enough to want to stay alive? I don’t want to harm my mom so I wouldn’t act on that. But I just low key crave nothingness, to be gone. It’s like I see the options and really want to go and be nothingness, just skip to the end. My heart isn’t in it anymore. I must try to become positive. Sorry. Felt a little bit good to just admit that ?. I hope you all find your bliss. Don’t worry about me, I’m stable ?.

  32. I love these videos they really help please keep making them

  33. kawaii JP says:

    remember folks: devil used the very bible to argue with jesus so that jesus would sin. as you all know, jesus won by his faith and wisdom.

  34. Alaka says:

    I smiled when that chicken moved her shoulder hahahha 1:39

  35. But what if none of your coworkers actually like you..?

  36. Ninja Fn fan says:

    We want to see your real face in one of your videos

  37. By Reliving all the past negative incidences daily for 20 to 40 minutes… it’s possible to over negative thoughts ?

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