Good Enough Is Good Enough

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50 Responses

  1. AssAssIn says:

    But my school notes aren't "Good Enough" i dont want to live on the streets…

  2. No Face says:

    "Good enough" is not good enough.

  3. I struggle with this myself. Trying to be perfect. Trying to accomplish more. Struggling to be who I know I cannot become, but pushing myself to wits end regardless. Thanks for posting.

  4. Arindam Paul says:

    Thank you so much. I love your kindly voice. I have at many times complained about my parents for being over-protective. But I am beginning to understand them better. They were also just struggling like I am.

  5. This channel is, like, unbelievably in its own existence.

  6. Gamma 1000 says:

    I'm slowly but surely becoming addicted to your videos.

  7. Blake Ramsey says:

    I am in love with this youtube channel

  8. "Penso a delusioni, a grandi imprese
    A una thailandese
    Ma l'impresa eccezionale, dammi retta
    È essere normale"
    " I'm thinking about disappointments, great deeds,
    About a Thai girl,
    But, believe me, the most exeptional deed
    is to be normal"
    Lucio Dalla, Disperato Erotico Stomp

  9. This calmed me so much. I love this.

  10. areamusicale says:

    Is a father that beats his kids good or bad enough ?
    I still have to figure that out.

  11. SW Sweetie says:

    1:15 Father AND Mother. Both are needed.

  12. David Boson says:

    accept mediocracy – reduces much stress.

  13. Juan L says:

    soooo, if i visit a campus, will i end up joining a cult???

  14. This is fucked up. Works depressing you? Social life is unfullfilling? Deal with it!:)

  15. Narayan Enz says:

    Aknowledge that you’re better than you where yesterday, but always strive for constant growth.

  16. Klamath 2046 says:

    The name of Winnicott's work mentioned in this video?

  17. DAVID SMITH says:

    another pep talk that hit the mark, cheers you lot

  18. Mystique Lou says:

    Yes!!! Leave good enough alone!!

  19. Fede says:

    Horrible, I love your videos but this felt SO conformist that wasn't enough to be good

  20. Alice Wong says:

    Knowledge cannot just good enough right? It will ruins the future!

  21. The breaks between your thoughts are too long

  22. Paper Plane says:

    i love how all the videos of school of life can be downloaded . whenever i have breakdown i watch videoes and get back to track again?

  23. Steven Ta says:

    There one thing I learn this year are some time it’s good enough to let go some thing and someone are very hard to please

  24. This video promotes mediocrity.

  25. No matter how clever I think I am, someone has always beaten me to it.  Hell.  My phrase was, "Lower your standards."  It applies when you are driving yourself insane trying to be your "best," with no specific end point in mind.  Your kid has to "do better," your house has to "be cleaner," your laundry has to "be whiter…"  How much is enough?  I've heard of "good enough parents," and it was very relaxing.  Problem is, some really terrible parents already believe they are "good enough."  All things are relative and dependent on the beholder/victim.  But as far as it goes, "good enough" and "lower your standards" are both good advice.

  26. in other words, look at what you have and not what you dont

  27. Tina Kelly says:

    They should be teaching this in school along with maths and English. It is so very important for us to know all this. The misery and pain we might have saved ourselves. I'm so glad I found you. The school of life. I've mentioned you to lots of people..

  28. Strive for improvement, not perfection. To settle for mediocrity and still demand others to value you as an equal is absolutely absurd and hedonistic.

  29. HolyKngt says:

    Do you have a location in the US?

  30. RedmercyGG says:

    Gotta disagree on this one personally. There’s always room for improvement in life and settling down for a “good enough” is to me “not trying hard enough”. Besides, working towards a higher goal itself can be an enjoyable journey. Even in failure, it is still a more exciting experience than simply setting without fighting for something you truly desire… me, I’d rather die trying, knowing that I have made an effort, than having doubts and regrets for the rest of my life….

  31. How can life be good enough when you don't even have children, don't want them and still nobody wants to employ you, in spite of a master's degree…? How can life be good enough then…? How can one be good enough for life, I should probably ask…?

  32. Des Saster says:

    Is the life of Rothchild family good enough? If not, they wanted to be a God…
    Hell for them…

  33. Tian Shi says:

    I love this message, I grew up with a perfectionist mom

  34. Are you based in India as well? If not, would you like to be?

  35. Imperfect people aren't capable of being perfectionists
    ….. that an Oximeter

  36. Fing god you are lostttttt??

  37. Im doin good.even with the grumpy old fucks i work with….i love them

  38. I have dealt with this my whole life and recently recorded this

  39. You have effectively saved my life.

  40. Liz Loria says:

    This channel literally is a life saver. Cannot express gratitude enough.

  41. This video is only usefull for people who can't be both content and strive to grow as a person at the same time. Have your grandiose ambitions and goals etc. But don't get overly attached to them either. For any normal person (and for what i assume is probably the majority) that can do both, this shit is just pussifying you and bringing you to mediocrity.

  42. NoMansDream says:

    "good enough" is not an option when everyone else is better

  43. years later, I understand now good enough is the best anyone can do

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