Communication Skills – How To Improve Communication Skills – 7 Unique Tips!

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  1. Hey, just curious as to where you initially learned these Tips and skills thanks. Great video and very informative. I got a lot of value of out it. Would love to learn more.

  2. How did they not notice that said “SATIFACTION” ??

  3. DoomedAnt says:

    Is it possible that what I assume is my
    Social Anxiety is just lack of conversational skill set?

  4. virtually every social media kid needs this. i swear developing social skills is simply nonexistent in primary education. I’m 28 now, but my social skills were pretty poor 5-10 years ago. Spending too much time on the internet and HOW I was using my time on the internet compounded that

    Social skills take practice. You wont get it immediately it, but you have to keep an open mind. Its trial and error.

  5. I'm one of the most abrupt people you will come into contact with. Wish I had the social skills to elaborate. We'll see how things work out, because I have mental illnesses this disrupts the thought process and makes it hard to have a conversation. Hope to learn to one day overcome this.

  6. Nana says:

    Thanks for your awesome videos improvement pill, I realy appreciate your hard work, you helped lots of people with your videos, wish you the best.

  7. Guys, here is the deal. I've packaged plenty of excercises for confidence and communication skills into a mobile app – reality-game. I was wondering if you want to take it for a spin. Let me know in the comments below.

  8. I don't have more experience about something to share . I am kid in conversation skill

  9. Akter Swapna says:

    Thanks a lot???????????

  10. Nikki M says:

    Story statement…I feel like that's awkward too. If no one asked 'ehat are you afraid of,' then why would you just blurt out ' I was scared of the dark as a kid and hid under covers' ?

  11. Many people thinks they are introverts but they are simply shy. Introverts usually dont find it difficult to go talk with someone but they just dont like it

  12. I AM says:

    i love this. extremely, extremely helpful!!!!!!!!

    do all of the videos – they are very useful!

  13. Shannon R.C. says:

    Is there a podcast?

  14. Well heres the the thing… some of these “useless“ words are meant to break the ice ?

  15. Guppu Kaur says:

    So glad to have stumbled upon this channel ♥

  16. Please help me. I can't over come my communication problem ?
    When I sit in any conference I forget everything

  17. Would it be okay if you used a statement that lead to a question such as. I love dogs bulldogs are my favorite what about you. A other variations as long as you share something along with it.

  18. Mimi N says:

    what about negotioation skills ?

  19. Toy boy says:

    0:35 to 0:41 that Elon Musk style

  20. BARBAROSA 67 says:

    Pausing when you talk is might be powerful unless you don't talk like a drunk

  21. Read out loud. That’s the main way to improve your communication skills. Reading benefits speech and opens up your vocabulary.

  22. Kyle Frank says:

    6:04 This is absolutely NOT something you should respond with in your first time meeting someone. What were they thinking? That's something a miserable arse like me would say to a long-time acquaintance that knows I'm being sarcastic.

  23. I love clear and concise, especially in speeches.

  24. Billi Mano says:

    asians is so expert in conversation thread skill

  25. Humor and deep conversation

  26. Zakwan Hunt says:

    Woah i thinks it will work, I love your voice. It keep getting better and better. Can you give some tips about how you adjust your voice?

  27. Mikhail says:

    Thanks. GENIUS!

  28. Phil Done says:

    Your channel is top quality mate. Love the doodles

  29. Mia Navarro says:

    I’ve been told many times that it feels like an interview when people talk to me smh I needed this

  30. Rico says:

    Number 6 Check!

  31. But what if they're uninterested or they don't care about your information or something like that

  32. Mayssa says:

    These are great tips, but my problem is that i cannot be open to speak about myself with everyone i meet. Usually I don’t like to reveal my personality and my life, and in the few occasions i do it, i can regret it later. Beside, sometimes i feel that speaking can be very tiring, and that i m not ready for such an effort. Sometimes i can be talkative, but it depends on the situation, my mood, and the person who i m talking with. It always feel horrible to reach a dead end in a conversation, when it happens i feel even more blocked. Does anyone had the same problem and manage to exceed it?

  33. I am actually an extrovert but i forgot how to communicate during Lock down.

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